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Caralee Vivi

This gorgeous girls pet name is Luna.

Luna is a gentle, sweet hearted and natured girl, who will cuddle and kiss at any given opportunity. She greets every new (and old) visitor with a gift in her mouth, wagging wildly. At times she has a fiendish sense of play and mischief, and its evident that she’s having the time of her life. She’s as sharp as a tack, its amazing to see her quick mind at work, she doesn’t miss a thing. Her soccer skills are on par with the greats, so keep an eye out for her in the next national team 😉 Although she can play hard, she’s just as good as lazing and napping around the house as the rest of us.

D.O.B:  06/01/2015

Generation: ALF3

Color: Cream

Coat: Fleece

Size: Medium (small)

Hips:    .41.39 (pennHip)    10 (AVA)      

Elbows: 0+0

Carrier:  Nill

DNA: Bbee

Sire: Tallai Cheswick 

Dam: Jajaca Tiffany

Registration: 0144-014-08