• both parents have passed very strict health testing requirements

  • both parents are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association

  • puppies come with a two year genetic health guarantee(conditions apply)

  • non breeding puppies are desexed prior to leaving to go to their forever homes


  • raised and nurtured in our family environment

  • exposed to all general household noise and inconsistencies of family life

  • desexed (certificate provided) and micro-chipped prior to leaving to go to their forever homes

  • wormed and vaccinated appropriate for their age

  • exposed to some simple commands and have begun basic toilet training


  • all pet puppies are $3300 gst inclusive


  • once you have completed an application form for a specific litter you will be notified by phone a couple of days after that litter has been born.

  • you will have 48 hours to pay a $1000 deposit for a puppy from that litter (unless alternative arrangements organised). The litter will then be announced on facebook and website.

  • the deposit is non refundable except under extenuating circumstances. If at anytime i can not meet your preferences for a puppy from that litter you will be moved onto the waitlist for next available litter.

  • final allocation of puppies will occur at 6 weeks when puppies are vet health checked.

  • you will receive an invoice for balance of payment once puppy has been allocated and travel arrangements are finalised.

  • if puppy is traveling then travel costs will be organised and added to the final invoice.


  • I raise my puppies to become loved and valued family members.

  • My main aim is that they go to homes where they receive as much love as they give.

  • I understand that people have colour preferences but I breed for temperament, so people who are inflexible regarding colour may have to be prepared to wait for other litters.

  • Australian Labradoodles are highly intelligent, extremely loving dogs that make wonderful family pets. They do however require training, physical exercise and mental challenges to keep them occupied. They also require grooming.

  • Please use this website and its links to research the Australian Labradoodle to ascertain that you are ready and committed to bringing these amazing dogs into your family.

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Are you aware it can take up to 25 weeks to become completely toilet trained? *
Do you know your puppy should not be around other dogs or put on the ground outside your yard, until it has had its 3rd vaccination (unless you are 100% sure the other dog is fully up to date with its vaccinations) *
Do you know a dog requires general worming, tick/flea protection, heart worm protection and annual vaccinations/health checks? *
Do you know which vet clinic you will be using for your puppy? *
Do you know your dog will require brushing/combing once a week (minimum) and grooming at least 3/4 times a year? *
Do you know the labradoodle breed is highly intelligent and will require training beyond puppy school? *
Do you know why it is a good idea to crate train a puppy? *
Do you know why it is a good idea to feed your puppy good quality food? *
Do you know your puppy will love you unconditionally? *
Do you know your puppy will bring you hours of pleasure and maybe sometimes a little pain (when shoes are chewed and plants are dug up)? *
Do you understand that your puppy will grow into a dog that could be a part of your family for up to 16 years? *
Do you agree that if for any reason you are unable to provide for your labradoodle then you will contact Caralee Labradoodles who will assist you with the rehoming of you dog *